August 28, 2009

Venezuelan Symphony

Venezuelan Symphony
37"h by 39"w

This is my memory of the beautiful llanos (plains) of Venezuela when
crossed on horseback -- land as far as the eyes can see,
flowering trees, rivers, birds -- nature's symphony.
Every note, from dark to light, interpreted in cloth.

August 27, 2009

Orinoco (Series of 4)


It has been difficult to photograph this work because the dark
tones are very, very rich and intense, while the lighter ones
are almost diaphanous. Be sure to click on each photo to enlarge
it and that might help get a better feeling for the piece.

The inspiration is, again, the wild landscape of Venezuela
along the shores of the mighty Orinoco River.

August 24, 2009

Google Earth: Orinoco Delta

Google Earth: Orinoco Delta
39"h by 49"w

The idea for this piece is my own recollection of trips to the
jungle in Venezuela and canoe rides along the Orinoco River;
its waters are clear but the iron ore deposits of the area color
the bottom sand and the surrounding shores.

I made a large piece of felt from scratch using some lovely
Merino wool that I hand-dyed;  other sections were also
hand-dyed using rust shavings.

August 19, 2009