November 17, 2011

Art Frenzy Auction 2011

Fundraiser Art Auction and Exhibition PARTY!
Thursday, November 17, 2011

23 local artists were invited to submit work for the invitational portion of the
2011 Art Frenzy.  These artists were selected because of their professional
reputation, the respect they have among their peers and the community,
as well as their loyalty and support of the Arts Council.

Participating Artists:  Shaun Cassidy, Jim Connell, Bob Doster,
David Freeman, Harriet Goode, Jennifer Hamilton, Bob Hasselle,
Fulvia Luciano, Paul Martyka, Marge Moody, Phil Moody,
Dottie Moore, Janice Mueller, Peggy Rivers, Terry Roueche,
Seth Rouser, Caroline Rust, Seymour Simmons, Michael Simpson,
Paula Smith, Tom Stanley, Wanda Steppe, Alf Ward.

Join us tonight!  

November 7, 2011